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Endowment Funds

Do you desire to create a permanent legacy, perpetuating your ideals and name, ensuring the Jewish community's future forever?

There is no best way to join Foundation Futures than establishing an endowment fund!

Frequently, donors feel so strongly about Jewish continuity and the work we do that they want the support they have given during their lifetimes to continue in perpetuity or for a specific number of years. This can be accomplished by establishing an endowment fund. This can be done during one's lifetime — the donors then have a chance to see the work their generosity makes possible — or it can be created through a will, as part of an estate plan.

No matter when an endowment fund is established, no other gift can send as strong a message of support. Most funds are structured to pay a certain percentage of income earned each year for the general or designated charitable purposes of Birthright Israel. When the principal is left intact and the income stream continues indefinitely, Birthright Israel can achieve a degree of future financial security. You could name a "perpetual endowment fund" to memorialize a loved one closely identified with our mission.

In addition to providing for general, non-specific support, a designation could also be made stipulating that the funds are to be used for a particular purpose or program. You could perpetuate a community trip, grant funding for social entrepreneurs, post programming in your community or continue supporting Birthright Israel with your annual gift forever!

Have you already created an endowment fund naming Birthright Israel Foundation as a beneficiary? Let us know by completing our Declaration of Intent.

Endow a Seat on a Birthright Israel Bus

Birthright Israel offers opportunities to create an endowment which will continuously provide funding for one young adult to participate in the Birthright Israel trip every year.

Endow an Entire Birthright Israel Bus

Birthright Israel also offers opportunities to create an endowment which will continuously provide funding for an entire Birthright Israel bus every year, thereby annually enabling the participation of 40 young adults from North America in a life-changing Birthright Israel trip.

We Will Work with Your Local Federation

Birthright Israel Foundation provides the option of creating an endowment through your local Federation. Endowments created through a Jewish Federation can be designated for the national endowment or for a specific purpose or program of Birthright Israel Foundation.

For additional information on structuring such an endowment fund in your name or in the name of a loved one, please contact us or directly contact Ruvym Gilman, Director of Planned Giving, at (646) 833-1311 or